I would download the hell out of bread

Hey, I'm Pat. I say funny things hahah.


If you don’t love Question, you’re wrong.

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Outtakes from Shaun of the Dead

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i think we all know who did it best

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r.i.p. irvine

rest in fucking pieces irvine



r.i.p. irvine

rest in fucking pieces irvine

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tali's loyalty mission in ME2

  • admiralty: you need to present evidence to convince us not to exile tali
  • shepard: my evidence is fuck you
  • admiralty: tali'zorah we declare you not guilty

"Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose."

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As Mr. Sloan always says, there is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in pie. And there’s an “I” in meat pie. Anagram of meat is team… I don’t know what he’s talking about.

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1) Spider-Man & Gwen Stacy by Phil Noto on Tumblr

2) Batman & Carrie Kelly/Robin by Phil Noto on Tumblr

3) New Mutants by Phil Noto on Tumblr

4) Black Widow by Phil Noto on Tumblr

5) Jonah Hex by Phil Noto on Tumblr

6) Buffy Summers by Phil Noto on Tumblr

7) Alita by Phil Noto on Tumblr

8) Betsy Braddock by Phil Noto on Tumblr

9)  Leia Organa/Darth Vader by Phil Noto on Tumblr

10) Barbara Gordon/Oracle by Phil Noto on Tumblr

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I want a video game with an escort mission except you are the escort. The NPC has to kill all the enemies while you run around an unlivable Hell trying to stay alive.

Marvel’s greatest extras. 

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hey guys as it’s starting to get warmer out i'd like to remind everyone to stay hydrated and drink lots of water!

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'til the end of the credits…


'til the end of the credits…

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Careful, honey, it’s loaded,” he said, reentering the bedroom.

Her back rested against the headboard. “This for your wife?”

“No. Too chancy. I’m hiring a professional.”

“How about me?”

He smirked. “Cute. But who’d be dumb enough to hire a lady hit man?”

She wet her lips, sighting along the barrel.

“Your wife.

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